Cypher Harrisburg
We are back online. However, sadly I was not able to make a permanent fix to the dice issue and have it work on all users. To keep things simple as GM I'll be throwing in the dice coding on my replies. Additionally to allow the game to move as swiftly and concise as possible when making an action PLEASE state all skills and abilities that you have that you believe will ad you in the roll as well as if you are putting in Extra Effort. As GM I will then determine if these abilities and bonuses apply generate the dice outcome and narrate as usual.
Cypher Harrisburg

A modern Fantasy West Marches game using the Cypher System

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Market Square Pawn

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1Market Square Pawn Empty Market Square Pawn on Sat May 27, 2017 5:26 pm


This Local Pawn Shop is on the edge of the Downtown Area. Run by a local slime ball by the name of Jack Wells. Just about anything mundane can be bought or sold here, but the really good stuff (like guns, drugs, or other illegal items) aren't exactly out in the open and might need some persuading before seeing what's really in stock. Additionally Market Square Pawn comes with the warning "If it turns out to be stole we didn't know." Shop at your own risk.

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