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We are back online. However, sadly I was not able to make a permanent fix to the dice issue and have it work on all users. To keep things simple as GM I'll be throwing in the dice coding on my replies. Additionally to allow the game to move as swiftly and concise as possible when making an action PLEASE state all skills and abilities that you have that you believe will ad you in the roll as well as if you are putting in Extra Effort. As GM I will then determine if these abilities and bonuses apply generate the dice outcome and narrate as usual.
Cypher Harrisburg

A modern Fantasy West Marches game using the Cypher System

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Downtown Sewers

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1Downtown Sewers Empty Downtown Sewers on Sat May 27, 2017 5:28 pm


The sewers below the Downtown Area were built well over a hundred years go. This provides two benefits, 1) most tunnels and passages are large enough to walk through comfortably and 2) there are multiple access points along the river bank to enter without needing to leave an open man hole in the street.

Sadly the age of the sewers also bring it's problems: 1) Many of the supernatural residents of the city know the sewers just as well if not better than surface streets, 2) there is NO electrical access in most of the sewer system and cell/radio signal is near non existent, 3) it's a well known fact that many mindless undead use the sewer as a kind of lair from feral vampires looking t hind from the sun to zombies that lack the intelligence to escape to ghouls who use the labyrinthine tunnels and lack of light as a prime hunting ground.

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